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It is decades of close collaboration that Jazz-Legend Dave Brubeck, Fritz Thom and Heinz Krassnitzer can look back at. The numerous projects realized and presented by LPS togehter with Dave Brubeck stand out as a wonderful example of one of the key success factors of LPS: to put an emphasis on close and long-term collaboration instead of short-sighted acclaim. Success as the one realized together with Dave Brubeck proves LPS philosophy right.

In His Own Sweet Way
Born in California in 1920 Brubeck composed Jazz-standards like "In Your Own Sweet Way" and is considered one of the leading figures of Cool Jazz. Not only with his "Dave Brubeck Quartet" he wrote Jazz-history. A native of California, Brubeck was heavily influenced by one of his teachers, the classical composer Darius Milhaud. The pianist found an ideal collaborator in saxophonist Paul Desmond. Their quarter worked together for 17 years during which they recorded the legendary "Take Five", which became the first jazz composition to sell over one million copies.

Dave BrubeckDave BrubeckDave BrubeckDave Brubeck

Dave BrubeckDave Brubeck
Dave Brubeck

Between Jazz and Christmas Cantatas
Dave Brubeck likes to point out that Vienna is one of his favourite cities to perform in, both because of the acoustics in venues such as the Vienna State Opera and the Musikverein, as well as for the audiences in the Austrian capital. Among his projects that were premiered by Fritz Thom in Austria are his oratory "Beloved Son", his Christmas Cantatas in mexican folk-style "La Fiesta de la Posada", his mass "To Hope! - A Celecbration" and his Cantata "The Gates of Justice". Respected as an innovator as well as for his artistry on the piano, Brubeck is still going strong at the age of 86 and remains one of the all-time favorites of fans in Vienna.

C. Eastwood, D. Brubeck, F. THOM

A Brubeck Institute for Europe
In 2000 the "Brubeck Institute", which is dedicated to supporting the spread of contemporary music, was founded at the University of the Pacific with director and actor Clint Eastwood as Honorary Chairman. The efforts of Fritz Thom to establish a branch of the Brubeck Institute in Europe have developed pretty far.

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