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At the core of the work of Live Performance Service lies the close and longstanding collaboration with the quintessential artists of our times. LPS serves as an interface of different musical genres, creates the settings and opportunities for high-profile artists from different ethnic and musical backgrounds to collaborate and for different musical stiles to mingle. It is a deeprouted understanding for the different musical worlds and creative personalities that creates the foundation for such work with the world leading musicians in Jazz as well as World Music, in Classical Music as well as in Blues and Soul. A working record of 35 years with the key-artists of the world makes Live Performance Service the leader in this field of musical exchange and collaboration.

F. Thom at Vienna State Opera

Prepare the best possible settings for unique concerts
In order to make a unique concert happen it is essential also to create and prepare the best possible setting for the musical performance to take place. It is among the achievements of Fritz Thom and the team of Live Performance Service to open up new top-venues for music that had never been played there before. Places like the Vienna State Opera or the Musikverein in Vienna were enriched with concerts and new audiences as a result of year-long development work of LPS in this field. LPS takes the initiative and actively explores ever new and interesting venues instead of following the routine of touring bands and standard bookings.

F. Thom & Hilary Rodham Clinton

Creating impulses and weaving networks
It is a main goal in the work of LPS to help bring the quality segment of the music and concert business as a whole further by creating impulses for artists as well as weaving networks of festivals and music promotors in a spirit of openess and collaboration. Fresh formats and ideas, new settings and venues, up-to-date marketing and communication and professional use of digital technology allow for a high-potential successful development of this field of work worldwide.

Heinz Fischer, F. Thom, Celia Mara

You can rather cooperate with Live Performance Service than book us in the conventional sense of the word. LPS selects their partners very carefully and consequently the partnerships tend to last lifelong.

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